Our family business is helping people’s dreams come true.Over the past 30 years we’ve been trusted to build more than 1,200 homes, each with it’s own distinct character and personality.It’s a privilege to be welcomed into people’s lives for one of the most important decisions they will ever make.We combine our proven, luxurious style with owner’s personal preferences to construct a home they love.With each home we build, our passion for the process continues to grow.Seeing an empty lot come to life is a remarkable experience every time. It simply never gets old!

Getting started in home building is an exciting opportunity.It’s your chance to literally breathe life into the landscape of your community.For those looking to build a home themselves without a general contractor, we’re here to help.For those looking to start their own home construction business, we’re also here to help.Builder Blueprint is our opportunity to share the knowledge that we’ve acquired over 30 years to give you the necessary foundation to begin building beautiful homes.

Meet Your Instructors

Learn How To Build Your Own Home

Alissa often makes the first impression with new clients, introducing them to the build process and initial design considerations. Her eye for helping people discover their personal preferences, objectives and style plays an instrumental role in kicking things off. Alissa has worked full-time in home construction since 2005.

Learn How To Become A Custom Home Builder

Luke oversees all projects during their final month of construction and prepares them for the final walkthrough. He details and critiques all the homes until they meet the level quality demanded. He has worked full-time in home construction since 2006 when he graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Construction Engineering.


Discover New Home Layouts and Styles

Reid and his wife, Cindy, have turned their passion for beautiful homes into one of the most renowned home construction companies in the industry.For the past 30 years he has built a wildly successful business grounded in integrity, transparency and making each customer feel like family.Having started with no formal education or experience in home construction, Reid provides first-hand knowledge on what he’s learned over the years.

Home Construction Builder Training

Cindy has worked along-side Reid in building homes since 1986. Together they developed the distinctive “look” of their homes which has built a loyal following of customers. Cindy brings a woman’s perspective to the design of each home. She loves offering advice on new builds, answering questions and explaining the building process. When you need style or decorating advice, there is simply nobody better!