Build For Yourself.

Your Home. Your Way. From concept to completion, let us show you how to build a home yourself… Without a general contractor.

• Save Up To 25%
• No Realtor Fees
• Fully Transparent Costs
• You’re in Complete Control

Builder Blueprint: Personal

What will YOU Build?

Build For Profit.

Learn how to start a business building homes, no matter your level of construction experience.

• Start Part-Time
• Flexible Hours
• Unlimited Earning Potential
• Fast Growing Market

Builder Blueprint: PRO

What is Builder Blueprint?

In our opinion, there is simply nothing better than building a home.Taking an empty piece of land and transforming it into a house is a remarkable feeling. Whether the home is for yourself or someone else, the pride in seeing something that you built never gets old.

The goal of Builder Blueprint is to help aspiring home builders get on the fast track to making their dream a reality. We provide comprehensive training courses teaching the exact processes we use to build homes.The workflows you learn can be used to plan, schedule and complete your build.Our students learn the building process first-hand from guided instruction that allows them to quickly gain proficiency.

There are currently two editions of Builder Blueprint available:

Builder Blueprint Personal Edition helps people learn to build a home for themselves.It’s a 12 week course that takes you from planning to completion, with detailed information each step of the way.Each week you will learn the exact steps we take ourselves as we build more than 30 homes per year.Our team’s 50+ years of combined experience will give you the foundation and weekly guidance to avoid common pitfalls.If you’re looking to build a home yourself, it’s imperative to have training.Builder Blueprint is your key to success.

Builder Blueprint PRO helps people become home builders themselves.While previous construction experience is helpful, you can start building homes even if you’ve never picked up a hammer.This 16 week course teaches how to work with customers, the intricacies of the building process and critical workflows you must implement to protect your business.You will get a first-hand view of exactly how we run our own business so that you can implement the same methods that have allowed us to grow a wildly successful home construction business.

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Builder Blueprint: Personal Edition
* 12 Week Course
* Learn to Select Layout & Design
* Learn to Find Quality Sub-Contractors
* Learn to Manage The Build & Avoid Problems
* Includes Style & Layout Guide
* Includes Comprehensive Checklists
* Includes Management & Scheduling Documents

Builder Blueprint: PRO Edition
* 16 Week Course
* Learn to Attract Clients & Create Proposals
* Learn to Build With Amazing Style & Design
* Learn to Find Quality Sub-Contractors
* Learn to Manage Sub-Contractors
* Learn to Finalize Build & Make Customers Happy
* Includes Style & Layout Guide
* Includes Comprehensive Checklists
* Includes Management & Scheduling Documents
* Includes Proposal & Contract Templates

Watch Lake Home Virtual Tour

Let us take you inside our favorite build of all-time.This amazing lake home was just completed this year and for the first time we’re giving you a look inside.

If you like beautiful homes, watch this video now!

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