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An Opportunity To Build Dreams…

Becoming a home builder is one of the most fulfilling career choices you can make, you’ll literally be helping make dreams come true.When you build a home, you’re playing an instrumental role in the biggest investment most people will ever make.

Surprisingly, starting a home construction business requires no previous experience.Building great homes doesn’t require technical knowledge of the details.It’s entirely about understanding style, the general building process and how to oversee contractors.

While you could get started entirely on your own, now you can fast track your path to becoming a leading home builder.

Introducing Builder Blueprint…

Builder Blueprint Pro is a 16-week training course that teaches anyone how they can start a successful home construction business.Upon conclusion our students understand how to apply the exact process we’ve used to build homes for more than 800 clients.We’ll take you behind the scenes of our entire business.You’ll learn how we plan a home, interact with clients, relay expectations to contractors, oversee construction and collect revenues.You will get access to the layouts, styles, checklists, planning documents and contracts you need to begin building homes immediately.

Builder Blueprint gives you the training and tools to become the premiere home builder in your area.

Build Your First Showcase Home Within 12 Months

Our recommendation to all new builders is to learn the ropes by building a showcase home for yourself.By leveraging your existing equity you can build a beautiful new house to show potential clients, all while you get the added benefit of living in the home.

Building the first home for yourself gets you first hand experience with our process and how you can deliver a top notch experience to clients.

Best of all, your showcase property can typically be sold for a 15-20% profit immediately if you so choose.You could sell your new home for a profit, then build another.Leveraging your personal equity to build homes and generate profit is an excellent strategy that can generate an immediate income stream.

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Get started on your path to becoming a successful home builder.Our 16-week course goes behind the scenes of our own construction business, allowing you to leverage a proven formula.You’ll get access to our layouts, style guides, management processes, worksheets, planning documents and business contracts.Don’t delay, register today!

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