One of the greatest aspirations for many is to one day build their own home. The idea of being able to design a living space perfectly suited to you and your life can be quite appealing. But one of the things that holds people back is the money. It’s expensive to build a new home.

It’s for this reason (among others) that a growing number of motivated individuals are building their own home. By building a home yourself, you can save up to 25% on the total cost. This amount of savings is significant and, for most people, can make a new home happen much sooner.

Building your own home doesn’t mean picking up a hammer, learning to frame walls, becoming a plumbing master or artisan of trim. In fact, most owner builders don’t do any labor at all.

Being an owner builder is the role normally played by a general contractor. It’s a management role, that doesn’t involve any labor. (unless you choose)

While building a home sounds complex, it’s really not. The key is finding people to do the work and making sure those individuals show up on time.

Who Can Become An Owner Builder?

  • Anyone. No construction knowledge or experience is required.

What Does It Take?

  • Ability to learn how the building process works (we recommend taking a course)
  • Dedication to see project through from start to completion
  • Ability to communicate instructions to contractors
  • Time to regularly visit construction site and inspect the work.
  • Motivation to take on a challenge.
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